What is Sheepy Chic?

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Sheepy Chic is a unique small company setup by Nicki Parkin-Jones to produce the most amazing wet felted products for your home and lifestyle. Everything made is by hand in a work shed in Cornwall UK. Sheepy Chic offer a large range of products with much of our work being commissions for individuals and businesses. Mostly all products are made to order on an individual basis, this way designs can be adapted and modified to give you a real unique and personal gift.

The felted pieces are warm, tactile and ‘touchy feely’, putting the homeliness back into the home.


Every item made is unique and we try where possible to use ideas and colours you may have to really personalize your item. All our designs are original and follow the         latest seasons trends.


Every single item made in the Sheepy Chic work shed is handmade. You won’t find any automated machines or production lines here. Even the large bed throws and           blankets are created by hand!


Sheepy Chic offers a unique service. For a bespoke piece, email us with your ideas and intentions and we’ll get to work creating you something special from the vast array of materials and textures we have in our work shed.


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Sheepy Chic Ethos

What drives you, gets you up in the morning and makes you laugh?

Made with Love

Everything created by Sheepy Chic is made with real love. Dancing, singing and laughter is all part of the days work.

Made with Care

All the products are made with great care and attention to detail. All products that leave the work shop we are 100% proud to give to you.

Made with Respect

Sheepy Chic is passionate about the environment and animals. Every step in the creation of items are made with this in mind.

Made with Honesty

Honesty is at the core. Many hours of work go into each product created and honesty creates a great trustworthy brand. Simple really.


Our Latest Designs

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Featured Artist of the Month, August 2013.

World of Wool

Sometimes people move in and out of our lives for many reasons, some stay for a short time, some stay longer and some never leave us and I know that by nikki coming back into my life its for a reason and I’m so grateful to have found her again. Not only is she an amazing therapist in terms of crystals, reiki and shamanism but she is a lovely person who is a pleasure to be around.

Jackie, Cornwall

A big like from Home & Garden Show 2014

Lorna Conaway
Nickis feltwork is bespoke, beautiful and of such a high standard. It’s so lovely to have in the shop.
Truro College, Gift Shop

News From The Work Shed

The latest musings from behind the door of Sheepy Chic


Cornish Spring Collections

SheepyChic 12th December 2015
A new range... Busy bee collection and Cornish scenes.

Heartfelt Connection

Soulgardening 3rd December 2015
With the year nearly at an end now, many of us maybe looking back and thinking…

Holding your centre

Soulgardening 3rd December 2015
With 2012 nearly at an end now, many of us maybe looking back and thinking…

Re-connecting to our personal power

Soulgardening 3rd December 2015
With 2012 nearly at an end now, many of us maybe looking back and thinking…

Lace Cushions

SheepyChic 9th February 2015
Real French lace cushions for your chic summer or winter getaway, now in stock.

Contact Sheepy Chic

Please feel free to make contact with the work shop, we love hearing from people!