Heartfelt Connection

Heartfelt connection… An important teaching for 2012.

On my visit to France over Christmas I visited a beautiful place called Le Puy en Velay. This stunning French town has a large church holding a statue of the black Madonna. I climbed many steps up to the entrance and entered through a grand, heavy oak door. Inside the church it was very peaceful and beautiful, bringing a sense of comforting stillness but at the same time a feeling that there were many energies of a finer/higher vibration ready to listen to my earthly thoughts etc.
At the front of the church was the area where the black Madonna was housed. In front of the walls hung heavy dark blue material, long antique lamps hung down from high above and the black Madonna statue stood lovingly on top of the alter. The lamps shone a delicate red light from within them and in front of the alter were many candles that people had lit during their prayers and placed in the sand. It really was a magnificent sight and the feeling was one of peace and love.
I sat for some 25 minutes on a long wooden seat in front of the black Madonna and as my body and mind became still, from a heart level I started to connect with her. I asked her about 2012 and asked how on an individual and global level, what was the best way to be of service and the best way to move through this special year. As I connected to her it was like I sensed fear from not just what was held within me but also held within others on earth. Her energy seemed to calm and wash away these fears, clearing a path so that her heart voice could be heard clearly to many, not just me. I felt her voice connecting within my heart and will centre. Her message was of love and understanding, acceptance and openness to now try and BE from our hearts, at every turn in life’s moving river to truthfully come from our hearts. The softness, support and love that I was feeling filled my whole being, it was like a wonderful angelic mother had put her arms around me to comfort me. The more I relaxed into the silence the more I connected with the subtle vibrations of the Madonna’s essence. Her voice was clear and filling my heart rapidly. She explained that by coming from our hearts as much as possible would help to fine tune our vibrations, lift our energy bodies into the light, allowing us to feel lighter, clearer, happier and more connected to our fellow brothers and sisters on the planet. By all of us coming from a heart level we could all be connected together as one, all of us being connected, plants, trees, the oceans, the elements, every living thing singing from the same hymn sheet.
I truly felt so grateful to have connected with the black Madonna in this way and feel her essence is truly planted within my heart. If I feel negative or heavy I remind myself of the wonderful meeting with her in the church and instantly my energy is back there again and I feel the heart connection reinforced.
Now that we are actually in 2012 it is time to work and be from our hearts with truth and love, it being time to step out of the fear that our ego’s can sometimes place us in and come from a place of understanding and lightness. When we come from our hearts, our fears can subside, barriers dissolve and we are able to move on our paths freely feeling empowered and loved. Working with each other, taking notice of each other and openly helping others when it is asked for, I feel will help towards all of us living in harmony with each other and our beautiful planet.
Let us all walk forward with open, loving hearts connecting with fellow beings and nature, feeling grateful for the magic that comes from being one together.

– See more at: http://www.crystalcompanions.com/heartfelt-connection/#more-8

Holding your centre

Well what an intense year this has been for many and we still have the last quarter to go yet! Over the past few months it has been very intense indeed. Many of us have been pushed to the edge, facing our worst fears, looking at our darkest sides of our personalities, letting go of our heavy past baggage & amongst all this trying to connect with ourselves and others from a heart centred place. Listening to people at the moment, many are saying…if this is what the age of aquarius (new cycle of being from 22/12/2012) is going to be like then i’ve had enough and feel like giving up. I have heard this many times recently and try to encourage everyone to keep going and ride the storm. The way i look at it is this…the deeper the hurt, the bigger the hurdle then the greater the reward and the quicker on an individual level we evolve and move nearer to our own personal ascension. At the moment i feel every individual is in their own private tornado and we can choose to stay in the swirling chaos of the tornado or choose to remain centred and grounded in the centre column of the tournado. People, situations, emotions, past hurts can all place us in the swirling edges of the tournado, but it is our responsibility to be aware of when this occurs and continue to re-centre. An easy way of doing this is to visualise a swirling tournado in front of you and then visualise placing yourself in the centre column where it is quiet, calm and still. From this place each individual can listen and sense so much more with clarity and focus. Also i have found red coral and rhodonite crystals work really well at keeping us in this centred place. The vibration of red coral helps to constantly re-pot us when emotions start to rip us out of our secure pot, strengthening us from our base chakra & connecting us to the earth. The rhodonite works at reassuring us and gently holding us through the shifts that occur during our points of evolving. Wear or carry these crystals with you during the next month to remain strong, centred and grounded. I feel things will start to ease after the middle of November and things will feel a little lighter and brighter as we head into December. I feel there are no definates at the moment, we just need to be in the moment each day, not look too far ahead and stay centred/grounded as much as possible. Positive thoughts, positive meditations, affirmations and looking at the wholeness of all this from a higher perspective. If at any point heavyness or negativity creeps in then also try meditating with selenite crystal, this being really good at connecting each individual to their higher self. Check out my facebook page for pics of my selenite meditation mats, throws and fire shawls.

Re-connecting to our personal power

With 2012 nearly at an end now, many of us maybe looking back and thinking…thank goodness for that! It has been a turbulent year, true dragon energy. Just when we felt our plans were all sewn up and everything sorted along came the dragon and burnt all to the ground. At first this seems harsh but what the dragon energy did was to burn all falseness away, situations, people and patterns that no longer were serving us and helping us to be on our true path, standing in our true light. This year has been a tough year but say goodbye to 2012 with gratitude, thanking the dragon energy for enlightening us and illuminating to us the patterns that needed to be changed. I wish everyone a peaceful, happy and joyous new year, blessings and gratitude Nickixx