Are your products made from wool?

Are your products made from wool?

yes our products are made from various wools that have been cleaned and sometimes dyed.

What if I want something unique making?

Bespoke pieces can be made to order, all that’s needed is a rough size, colour and your wonderful idea. Just give me a ring on 01726 337904

Does the wool itch?

No, the merino wools are soft and silky and more robust wools like cheviot, finnish and Shetland give a bouncy feel to the product but do not itch. Obviously if you have an allergy to wools or wool products then it would be advisable not to have the products next to your skin.

Can you wash the wool products?

I recommend you wash the product by hand with a gentle detergent, rinse with a little clothes conditioner and then squeeze the excess water without twisting. Hang to dry naturally on the line. For larger pieces like throws, its easier to hand wash them in the bath.

Does the wall bobble?

Being a wool product, over time small bobbles can occur. These can be pulled off gently or carefully removed with scissors.