Nicki Parkin-Jones

Owner of Sheepy Chic

About Me

My name is Nicki Parkin-Jones and I am a felt artist as well as a holistic therapist. My felt creations started as a hobby and slowly evolved into soft home furnishings. I love creating large pieces with my largest creation being a kingsize bed throw. I make all of my pieces by hand in Cornwall using different blends of wools, herbs, crystals and plant fibres. I mainly use white cheviot, grey norwegian , Shetland moorit and black welsh wool for the base of my throws and cushions and then add coloured merino wools on the top. Each piece can be tailored to the individual’s taste with leaves, patterns and flowers needle felted on the top of the finished item.

Using a blend of  different wools can create a warm, non itchy, very tactile piece of art that has a versatile use. The cushions can be made in various sizes, with or without toggle backing and the same for the throws.  I can create beautiful  bespoke gifts and home furnishings, all I need is a colour guide, shape and rough size and then the magic of creating it begins!

So far my small company (SheepyChic) has  created  cushions, wall hangings, throws,  fire shawls,scarves, hats, felt pictures, table runners/mats and flower table decorations. I also make meditation mats that are lined with a waterproof material so you can use them indoors or outside and have blended different crystals into the wool blend to help with meditation. The mats can be made to an individual’s taste adding herbs, crystals or animal fibres into the wool.

Artist of the month. August 2013
World Of Wool

Look up, laugh loud, talk big, keep the color in your cheek and the fire in your eye, maintain your health, your beauty and your animal spirits.

William Hazlitt


Sheepychic  started as a hobby. A way of relaxing the mind and letting natural creativity flow.


Our little company continues to create comfy, cosy pieces putting homely back into the home.


To grow, to create, to inspire, to lead. Handmade felt is bespoke and soooo cool.