To change your mind you can change your world. Breaking old mental patterns that no longer serve us is liberating and brings us closer to our true self.


Tend to your body as you would your garden. Tenderly feed it, water it giving it warmth, comfort and love. A pinch of patience and a sprig of thyme and let the beauty blossom.


Feed the soul, nurture the self, consider others and listen to what makes your heart sing. Your soul is your beacon in this lifetime, sense it, feel it and follow its calling.

Don't worry i'm relaxed! REALLY?

5 Years

Being Online

26 Years

spent sleeping

136 Days

Getting ready


Days at Work

8 Jobs

Before reaching 30

100 Day

Checking Phone

Self Maintenance

Crystals are a wonderful tool to help us connect to our selves. Each crystal has an energetic vibration and we as human beings also have this. We are all different and our vibration is unique to each one of us. Some people are naturally positive and light, whilst others can have a grounding down to earth manner. Neither is wrong just different. There are many crystals out there and the key is to find a crystal that your drawn too and start to work with it. Some crystals are calming, some are energizing and some can have real depth pulling the person to go within, discovering deeper sides to themselves.


Crystals are one of many tools that can be used when discovering who we are and what we’re about. Another tool that can be used is Rieki and shamanic teachings. Reiki works by gently changing the chi (life force energy) re-aligning and bringing balance to a persons being for their highest good. At the very least it is relaxing and soothing to the mind, body and soul which can only be of positive benefit. Combining crystals with reiki sheds many thin and false layers bringing a broader awareness into the individuals mind. Shamanic teachings can then be used to work at depth on possible sub conscious issues and barriers.

You mean to tell me SheepyChic can even help me relax?

Yes! As well as our comfy cosy throws and cushions to snuggle into Nicki Parkin-Jones is also a trained crystal therapist, Rieki master and Shamanic practitioner as well as a felt artist! Click here to find out more.